Figure Skating

ice shot.jpg

KB Hockey Facility offers lessons to teach basic and essential skills necessary for the sport of figure skating. Small group classes consisting of 3 to 5 skaters and personalized one on one sessions will be available for athletes 13 years old and younger. There will be basic skill and experienced skater programs offered.

The basic skills program will consist of a range of lesson/test structure for beginner figure skaters. This class will include learning the fundamental aspect of the sport:

• Balance
• Marching
• One-foot Glides
• Bunny Hop
• Snowplow stops
• Spins & Jumps

The experienced skaters program is offered for more advance figure skaters and will offer instruction on higher level skills including waltz jumps, spirals, lunges and one foot/two foot spins. In addition to learning these skills, the athlete will learn moves in the field patterns. Skaters will improve on their technique and develop movement and grace with personalized assistance.