"A couple of years ago I decided to learn how to skate. I never had done that much skating but I always loved it whenever I did, and I thought that learning some basics would help me enjoy it more. I went to KB Hockey right after Christmas and asked to make an appointment for a lesson. The young girl behind the desk (miss you, Angela!) asked me what age my kid was and I laughed and said "No, it's for me." She didn't even blink, and put me down for the following Friday at 2pm for my first lesson. Coach Frank was there that day and very very patiently taught me how to snowplow stop. I also heard for the first time something I have heard many many times over and is the best advice to a novice skater: "BEND YOUR KNEES!" After Coach Frank went back to school, Coach Nick took over my lessons, and asked me if there was anything in particular I wanted to learn. I said I wanted to learn how to do the things that hockey players do, like stop and change direction. So he said "Ok, then I will teach you to play hockey." I thought he was kidding (hockey players have sticks, and there's a puck, and there's all kinds of complicated stuff, etc.)....but he wasn't kidding. Two years after my first lesson I was asked to join a team in a women's league, and I am just about to complete my first full season as a forward on my team. The professionalism and dedication of the coaches and the staff at KB is really amazing. Long story short: when Coach Nick says he will teach you to play hockey, you will learn to play hockey, even if you are female, somewhat north of 40 years old, and didn't  know how to skate when you started. This is the magic of Coach Nick... and KB Hockey!"

          -    Consuelo Preti

"As parents of 3 boys ages 6, 8 and 15, with serious hockey habits, KB is a convenient destination for intense, quality instruction at all levels. The reputation of this young facility is known throughout the tristate area. The coaches are hockey skills experts that know exactly how far to push my boys without sacrificing fun. We are proud to be a part of the KB family."

- Kellie and Steve Konstalid

"Coach Nick has been an extraordinary role model for Thomas. He has learned so much from you on and off the ice and looks up to you a great deal. Thanks for helping me raise him through his teenage years. You have kept his head on his shoulders and have gotten him into shape and there are no words that CATHY and I can express to thank you. And we are seeing the same influence you had on Thomas with Chris. You and KB mean more to the boys than hockey. So thank you so much for all that you have done and all that you continue to do."

- Thomas Auletti

"Guys, every time my 5 year old leaves there he grins from ear to ear asking when his next session is. He has been on the ice about 10 times before starting with KB and the improvement is nothing short of amazing. He and his training buddy have been asked to practice with boys almost twice their age and will soon be asked to actually play alongside them. You've made it enjoyable for him to be out there while learning the game and not to mention making me a proud dad; it’s a joy watching him develop. On top of that he loves the staff there. Keep up the good work!!!"

- Anthony Valois

"Coach Nick at KB Hockey has been training our son since he was a mite. He is now a second year peewee and the training he has received from Nick has been instrumental in developing him into the elite player he is today. Our son looks forward to his training sessions at KB, which Nick keeps fun and friendly yet still instructive and informative. Coach Nick has had a profound impact on the way our son mentally prepares to train and play games. We cannot stress enough the passion that the staff at KB has for the sport of hockey and trying to bring that passion to today's young players. We highly recommend KB Hockey facility to any hockey player looking to take their game to the next level."

             - David and Lisa Gutwirth


In 2015 our two boys decided to transition from travel soccer to hockey. We knew the boys would need additional training in order to play competitively. A trusted friend highly recommended KB and we’ve never had to look any further. Our boys have come such a long way in a very short three years! There is no doubt that that their success is a result of the training they receive from KB. Having our boys train at KB weekly on the ice, treadmill and dry land has tremendously improved all aspects of their game. Coach Nick and the rest of the coaches and staff at KB continue to build our boys on so many levels! We are grateful for the relationships, trust and respect that come so easy with the staff at KB. There is a great sense of community & family here that we feel blessed to be a part of.


Rob & Isabel Buonato