Our Classes


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Our Lessons

KB Hockey Facility offers on ice training programs that are designed for players of all ages and skill levels. Our 25ft x 50ft customized ice rink gives skaters the ideal hockey training tool to increase their individual skills and overall game.


Learn To Skate Program

Our learn to skate classes are for children of all ages and skill levels. Participants will receive personal attention and instruction to improve their skating ability.


Figure Skating

KB Hockey Facility offers lessons to teach basic and essential skills necessary for the sport of figure skating. Small group classes consisting of 3 to 5 skaters and personalized one on one sessions will be available for athletes 13 years old and younger. There will be basic skill and experienced skater programs offered.


Goalie Clinic

KB Hockey offers one on one and small group goalie training to anyone interested in learning the modern style of goaltending, at any level of play. We do recommend that potential students have proper equipment that will allow them to perform the movements and butterfly techniques that we employ.


Off Ice Training

Unlike body building which focuses on isolating muscle groups, our hockey specific training uses the body’s functional movements. Hockey utilizes and is demanding on many parts of the body that most people never get around to training in the gym. Our off-ice training goal is to prepare the body to move with speed, stability and strength through functional hockey related exercises. Work outs will include high intensity short interval speed and quickness training as well as core specific strength movements. Each lesson will be tailored to the student and will focus on his/her specific needs.


Treadmill Lessons

The skating treadmill brings a completely different dynamic to off-ice hockey training by having the athlete use the same physical technique, muscle motion, and skill sets used in skating. The skater will increase their sprint speed and acceleration while strengthening their key lower body muscle groups: hamstring, glut, hip and quads. Our students will receive professional personalized attention on stride mechanics including inside/outside edge work, low-center balance in stride and explosive starts.