Learn To Skate Program

ice shot.jpg

Our learn to skate classes are for children of all ages and skill levels. Participants will receive personal attention and instruction to improve their skating ability.

Classes will cover:

• Marching on ice
• How to properly fall/get up
• Balance control
• Two-foot glides
• Snowplow stopping
• C-cuts • Forward turning
• One-foot glides
• Forward swizzles• Backwards wiggle
• Long-stride skating
• Edge control
• Inside/outside edgework
• Backwards swizzles
• Hockey stance
• Hockey stopping
• Cross overs
• Directional skating
• Backwards stride
• Backward-to-forward skating (change of direction) 
• Weak foot hockey stopping
• Backwards stopping
• Forward-to-backward skating (change of direction) 
• Change of pace

 Students of the KB learn to skate program must bring:

• Skates (we offer skate rentals) 
• Helmet (a bike helmet is acceptable) 
• Elbow & knee pads (bike and skateboard are acceptable) 
• Mittens or gloves

** In order to advance to the beginner hockey or beginner figure skating classes, each skater will need to complete at least 10 learn to skate classes.