Our Lessons

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KB Hockey Facility offers on ice training programs that are designed for players of all ages and skill levels. Our 25ft x 50ft customized ice rink gives skaters the ideal hockey training tool to increase their individual skills and overall game. Our experienced trainers work one on one and with small group classes (up to 5 skaters). From working with peewees moving up to bantams on how to give and receive hits to introducing hockey to an adult for the first time with a desire to play men’s league, we take pride in tailoring each lesson to the individual. This includes having our trainers deciding the specific needs of the player and consulting with parents/students on what part of their game needs to be focused on. Our lessons will include but are not limited to drills that focus on shooting, power skating, stick handling and advanced hockey awareness. Below is a brief description of the type of drills offered during our private and small group ice classes:


Our shooting specific drills will give the player the proper mechanics for every shot: snap, wrist, slap and backhand. Using various shooting tools (targets and advanced shooter tutors), these drills are designed to increase your ability to score goals in all types of situations. Our shooting drills will focus on:

• Proper weight transfer through the shot
• Utilizing the sticks flex for increased velocity
• Shooting in stride
• One-time shots
• Pinpoint accuracy 


Our stick handling specific drills will provide the player with the proper puck handling mechanics. Focusing on having the player get the “feel” for the puck without ever putting their head down is crucial to taking their game to the next level. We will offer highly intense puck work, using various tools and stick handling courses. Drills focus on:

• Puck control in stride (forward and backward)

• Stick handling in tight areas
• Various dangles
• Puck control with use of your skates


Our on ice power skating will teach the foundation of the game. Proper skating technique is the basis to hockey and we will enforce the correct skating mechanics to help you excel and become a faster and more powerful skater. This includes drills that focus on:

• Explosive starts
• Using inside and outside edges properly
• Quick feet
• Pivoting
• Maximizing stride efficiency


These drills incorporate utilizing all facets of the game in flowing drills that include shooting, passing, stick handling and skating together. The drills will be set up to touch upon each aspect while focusing on developing “hockey sense,” which includes reading the play, puck control/passing/shooting with head up at all times, cycling and corner work.