Treadmill Lessons

ice shot.jpg

The skating treadmill brings a completely different dynamic to off-ice hockey training by having the athlete use the same physical technique, muscle motion, and skill sets used in skating. The skater will increase their sprint speed and acceleration while strengthening their key lower body muscle groups: hamstring, glut, hip and quads. Our students will receive professional personalized attention on stride mechanics including inside/outside edge work, low-center balance in stride and explosive starts.

The treadmill program will also give athletes the ability to work on their overall hockey awareness. The skater will have constant view of their technique in a life-sized frontal mirror on one end, while using the synthetic ice and regulation sized net on the other to focus on quick releases, passing while moving and puck handling skills. Without even stepping on the ice, skaters of all ages will benefit from the various personalized training programs on the KB Hockey Training Facility skating treadmill.